The City Council of Estepona has started the works of adaptation of the street of the river, with the aim of facilitating transit between various La Boladilla, Selwo, Las Joyas and Cancelada neighborhoods. In this way, the City Council continues with the urbanization connection plan to structure the city and facilitate travel between residential areas.

In this way, neighbors are offered a alternative route that will allow them to shorten distances when it comes to having to travel through these areas, at the same time prevents them from having to join the A-7 motorway for these trips.

The works have a investment of 112,877.25 euros and will consist of the construction of a road more than half a kilometer long, 532 meters long, with a two-way road. In total, an area of ​​2,500 square meters will be paved.

At the moment the vial is being conditioned by earthworks to bring the terrain to grade level From which the required platform will be built, previously the corresponding drainage will be carried out. Subsequently, the asphalting and signaling of the road will be carried out. This entire process will take four weeks to complete.

At the same time, it is already studying the construction of a viaduct over the Guadalmansa river, as has been done in the Taraje stream. Precisely, the conditioning of this new road joins the other actions that the City Council has been carrying out to improve communication in the urbanizations of the city.

Among them is the bridge for the connection of several urbanizations in the Costalita area, in addition to the connection to link the areas of Isdabe and Matas Verdes, benefiting the residents of Hace del Sol, Marriott and El Presidente, among others. Recently, another road was built that linked Casasola, Atalaya and Isdabe and also a bridge and a pedestrian walkway that connected the north of Cancelada with Bel-Air and that benefits more than 4,000 residents and establishments in this environment.

Along with this, in recent years urbanization works have been promoted in various sectors of the city to complete the infrastructures and services that were not executed when their respective urban developments took place. These works include those that have been carried out in the areas of Estepona Golf, Valle Romano, Arroyo Vaquero, Nueva Atalaya and Juan Benítez, among other areas; as well as those that are being carried out at the moment in the area known as Camino de Las Mesas.

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