The deputy mayor of the Sociocultural area, Begoña Ortiz, and the councilor attached to the Education area, Luisa López, visited the CEIP Antonio Machado facilities today on the occasion of the start of the 2022/2023 school year.

The municipal officials have explained that, during the summer vacation period, the Estepona City Council has undertaken a total of 130 actions to improve, maintain and upkeep the city’s educational centers.

Begoña Ortiz explained that the work has been carried out in the 13 public schools in the city, in the Adult Center and in the five municipal nursery schools.

Among the main actions undertaken by the municipal operational brigades, we must highlight the repair of a wall located on the sports courts of the CEIP Ramón García. The works have consisted of the placement of micropiles from the surface of the track, replacement of part of the perimeter fence and the affected pavement.

Likewise, with the aim of solving humidity problems, a rainwater network has been built in the Antonio Machado school. Likewise, in the CEIP Federico García Lorca, the roof of the area of ​​early childhood education has been fixed.

Another of the outstanding actions has been the placement in the CEIP Valeriano López of some safety anchors for the installation of some basketball baskets, since the center did not have this type of sports material until now. Likewise, the entire flooring and low wall of the exterior area of ​​the El Mar nursery, which was found to be damaged, has been repaired.

On the other hand, a pergola has been installed in the Cancelada nursery school, where the safety floor has also been replaced. In the same way, in the El Nido nursery school, the floor of the classroom for babies and one-year-olds has been fixed. For this, the concreting of the same and subsequent installation of parquet was carried out.

This action plan, which began once if the school year was over, is part of the comprehensive maintenance work of the educational centers carried out by the Consistory, and which focuses mostly on painting, masonry, locksmith and plumbing, as well as in the maintenance of electrical and fire-fighting installations.

The mayor added that the Consistory is responsible for the maintenance of educational centers throughout the year, reaching more than a thousand performances. In fact, work in schools and nurseries represents almost a third of the actions carried out by the municipal operational brigades throughout the city.

For this reason, during the summer season only the improvements that would cause inconvenience to the educational community are undertaken.

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