The Estepona City Council, which is carrying out a special clearing and pruning plan in the streams of the municipality to prevent flooding in case of heavy rains. It is going to act on the sections of the eight streams that are in the periruban area and that are municipal competence.

Thus, up to now, work has been done on the streams of Hornacinos, Cañada Ortega, Taraje and Abejeras. In the coming days the performances will continue in El Saladillo, Matas Verdes, La Cala and Arroyo Vaquero. For the moment, more than 6,000 longitudinal meters have been cleaned. The Consistory foresees clearing up to 15,000 meters.

The works, which began at the beginning of September, consist of the elimination of natural remains that are concentrated in the margins of these streams. In addition, the Consistory is withdrawing plastics, glass, packaging and waste that have been thrown into the environments.

The municipal manager has underlined the importance of these actions because they free the channels of obstacles that could prevent its normal drainage, while avoiding the formation of plugs that could cause flooding in the event of heavy rainfall.

Clearing rural roads

In the same way and as every year, it is also acting in clearing some thirty rural roads, which involves conditioning more than 160 kilometers. The works, which are consisting of clearing and preserving the margins of these roads, also include road surface maintenance work in some sections.

In addition, the gutters have been cleaned on the roads of La Malagueña, La Alberdina, Nicola and La Cala, by the personnel hired by the Agrarian Reform Plan. Likewise, it has acted in other enclaves such as the Pedregales Park and the facilities of the animal shelter ADANA.

These actions of clearing and eliminating dry vegetation also reduce the risks of fires and incidents during the rainy season, in addition to improving the visibility of drivers who circulate on these roads.

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