City Hall of Estepona has completed the restoration process of twelve of the works included in the ‘Sculpture Route’, some performances in which the sculptors of the works have participated and which contribute to the city being considered an open-air museum, as reported on Tuesday by the Councilor for Historical Heritage and Museums, Daniel García.

The mayor has highlighted among the pieces that have been restored known as ‘The Farmer and the Fisherman’ by Mariano Amaya, which is located on the seafront, a sculptural group that is a symbol in the city for being a vindication of its agricultural and seafaring origins.

The works, which have been carried out by the municipal restorer Carmen Pérezhave consisted of cleaning work in order to remove the lime that covered the sculpture, due to its former location in a city fountain and in the replacement of the farmer’s sickle. In addition, this space has been embellished with the placement of four planters, which also serve to delimit the area and protect the work.

Also, the artist Joaquín Aguilera has restored six works that he created for different spaces in the city. The process carried out by the sculptor has consisted of repair of cracks, priming of resins and varnishes and replacement of elements that were deteriorated by the weather or the passage of time.

The sculptures restored by Aguilera are ‘Tribute to Juana Luna’, located in the Parque del Calvario; ‘Ofelia’ on Guadiaro street (next to the Carmen church); ‘Homage to the Donors’ in Eduardo Flores square (in front of the La Lobilla health center; ‘Monument to the Peseta’ on the seafront promenade; ‘Homage to Francisco Gil’, in the gardens of the Plaza de Toros and ‘Padre Manuel’ in Plaza San Francisco.

Lastly, the artist Tobi Govan has restored five of his works that are distributed in different enclaves of Estepona such as ‘La elefanta requetebién’, located in the Plaza de Rocío Bazán; ‘The embrace of culture’ outside the Padre Manuel Cultural Center; ‘The Ascent’, which is located in the gardens of the Athletics Stadium; ‘Dragon in the sun’ in Calvario Park and ‘In your arms’ on the boardwalk.

The works of these sculptures have also been carried out by the author himself and have consisted of cleaning of each piece, polishing and priming work to prevent damage caused by rain and pollution, they have indicated from the Consistory.

The municipal official has highlighted the importance of carrying out this type of action in the artistic heritage of the city, since they contribute to Estepona It is considered an open-air museum. In this regard, he recalled that the ‘Sculpture Route’ is made up of more than fifty works distributed by different enclaves, among which the space dedicated to the well-known sculptor Santiago de Santiago in the Parque del Ángel stands out.

Likewise, he explained that other artistic initiatives such as the ‘Route of the artistic murals’which already has more than 60 works, or the ‘Poetry Route’ with more than 40 poems in the old quarter, allow residents and tourists to enjoy the different artistic disciplines for free.

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