The Plenary of the Corporation of the City Council of Estepona has approved this Thursday definitively the municipal budget for 2023which stands at 109 million euros and which, for the twelfth consecutive year, forecasts a surplus.

The mayor of Estepona, Jose Maria Garcia Urbanohas highlighted the diligence of the government team in the preparation and final approval of these accounts, being one of the first municipalities in Spain to complete this process.

Likewise, he has referred to the rigor, seriousness and credibility of these accounts, which consolidate the great transformation that the city has undergone in the last decade. Thus, he has explained that “with them a great investment effort that has marked the management of the City Council in this period as the engine of the local economy, job creation and quality of life”.

Specifically, the items for productive investments rise to 18.3 million euros. In this matter, García Urbano has indicated that since he is mayor not a single loan has been requested for the payment of investments or expenses and that all the executed works are paid.

These are amounts to supplement the urban revitalization projectwith the culmination of remodeling of Avenida de España and the attached promenade in its two sections in progress, which will open the city to the sea and create a ‘Balcony to the Mediterranean’, that is, a wide landscaped pedestrian boulevard that incorporates a building-lookout, which will house a large library and study spaces, a music conservatory, an auditorium for cultural events, a relevant exhibition hall and a viewpoint that will undoubtedly become another significant element to attract visitors.

Parking plan in Estepona

In this way, it will continue with the pioneer municipal parking plan of 1 euro per day of cost for the user who, after the completion of the car park in the area of ​​Chess, plans to begin work on the underground car park in the area of ​​the Iglesia del Carmen, with capacity for more than 300 spaces.

Likewise, items are incorporated for the completion and maintenance of the coastal corridor that is uniting the entire maritime front and whose execution exceeds 90%. Also, resources are allocated for the continuity of the remodeling process and downtown beautificationwhich already has more than 130 streets renovated in all its infrastructures and which has meant a before and after in the revitalization of the city through the sustainable development project ‘Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol’.

In the investment section, the budget includes the improvement of public facilities; the creation of green areas with the new Parque de Las Mesas and new playgrounds; the conservation and acquisition of materials for beaches and gardens and the maintenance of educational centers and nursery schools. In this sense, it is worth noting the municipal over-efforts to deal with the removal of invasive algae and for the effects of the storm; two circumstances for which the Estepona City Council has required the involvement of the central government in a national aid plan for the affected municipalities.

Route of Artistic Murals

In addition, resources continue to be incorporated to support cultural activity with relevant initiatives such as the City of Estepona Novel and Poetry Awards, linked to the Pre-Textos publishing house, and funds are incorporated for the execution of projects co-financed through the European Edusi funds. . Items are also contemplated for the expansion and improvement of the Route of Artistic Muralswhich already has 60 works in the city.

On the other hand, citizen security is reinforced to continue improving the material resources of the Local Police and Civil Protection; as well as the endowment of items for the coverage of the public call for nine agent positions.

On the other hand, the economic amounts linked to aid and social programs for the most vulnerable groups they continue to be ‘expandable items’; that is, they will be unlimited and may be increased according to the needs that occur during the fiscal year. In this matter, they dedicate resources amounting to almost 10 million euros for programs, aid and initiatives aimed at supporting citizens who are in a situation of vulnerability; Initial amount, which, as explained, can be extended if social circumstances so require.

In this sense, it is worth noting the financial item of 3.64 million euros for home help, which has been increased by more than 1 million euros; the game (which may be expandable) of half a million euros to promote employment; as well as the increase in the amounts for non-profit associations that provide help to the most disadvantaged.

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