The plenary session of the Estepona City Council Corporation has unanimously agreed this Thursday the definitive approval of the modification of the municipal ordinance regulating the Tax on the Increase in Value of Land of an Urban Nature (plusvalía), which will allow a savings of 35% for citizens and that in numbers will mean about 3.5 million euros in sales.

In this way, the Estepona City Council maintains the same applicable tax rate to the tax base for the calculation of the final quota, despite the fact that Royal Decree 26/2021 of the central Government allows municipalities to increase the tax up to 30%.

The deputy mayor for the Economic, Innovation and Human Resources area, José María Ayala, explained that this government team continues to lower taxes and that this new municipal ordinance will have a positive impact on citizens, producing savings for taxpayers of about 3.5 million euros per year in the purchases, according to the estimates of the municipal technicians. The amendment to the ordinance maintains the 95% bonus that applies to heirs.

Regardless of the foregoing, the new municipal ordinance allows the citizen chooses between two calculation methods on the taxable base, taking the option to pay for the real capital gains tax on the land (difference between the sale price and the purchase price) if it is lower than the tax base proposed by the administration.

The person in charge of the Economic area has indicated that the modification of the ordinance It is one more example of the commitment of this government team with the reduction of taxes. In this regard, he has recalled that the fiscal ordinances for this year maintain the 20 percent cumulative reduction in the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and in the garbage rate.

To this is added a reduction of 3% -both for the IBI, as for the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE) and the garbage rate- for those who have the payment domiciled of your receipt and pay it within the payment period.

Between the fiscal support measures carried out by this government team also highlight the continuation in the removal of open fee for 35 types of economic activities; the 75% discount on the opening rate for certain vulnerable groups or discounts in sports schools and cultural workshops.

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