Estepona City Council has renewed for another year the online service for promotion of the practice and competition of the ‘Vertical Kilometer The Royals-Sierra Bermeja’a natural circuit that does not exceed 5,000 meters, but has a drop of 1,000 meters, as reported Monday by the deputy mayor of the Sociocultural area, Begoña Ortiz.

This enclave is consolidating itself as one of the most interesting itineraries for practitioners of this sport and in fact, was included in the Andalusian Vertical Race Championship last August.

Ortiz explained that fans of this type of sports should only download the mobile application or access the website created for this tour, which will allow them to compete with other athletes in races in the natural environment throughout the year.

Both the APP like the web can be used for free on the route known as ‘Los Reales-Sierra Bermeja vertical kilometer’, where two devices have been installed (start and finish), which will emit a bluetooth signalwhich will be detected by the participant’s mobile as it passes.

In this way, the chrono will start when passing through the exit point and it will stop when it reaches the goal. Thus, the devices will be in charge of indicate the point of the route to the app where the corridor is located.

After the race is over, and if you have passed through all the checkpoints, the participant will be classified in the circuit ranking depending on their age and sex. Of course, athletes will have to have bluetooth and GPS location activated at all times.

All this process is done through a unique race timing system called OTR Open Trail Races, that generates the classifications automatically when passing through the control point, and all this no need for user interaction.

To learn more about the steps to follow for the classifications and the races, those interested can access the website and the app with the same nameas well as the blog, created specifically for the Estepona test.

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