The City Council of Estepona I delivered this Tuesday the first keys to the owners of the promotion of 100 Official Protection Homes (VPO) carried out in the Juan Benítez area, as well as studying obtaining new soils in Camino de Las Mesas and Camino de Cortes to develop this type of promotions, as announced by the mayor, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano.

The councilor highlighted the quality and suitability of this promotion and has referred to the social sensitivity of the government team with the housing needs of the neighbors.

In this sense, he explained that “in the first opportunity I had since I was mayor to obtain land for VPO, we made the transfer of the same to make these homes possible”. Likewise, he has indicated that he is promoting the development of urban planning for obtaining of new land destined for this type of housing. Specifically, this possibility is being studied in the Camino de Cortes (Atalaya) and Camino de las Mesas sectors.

The land where this housing development is built, called Residential Garumwere ceded by the Consistory to the Vimpyca Charitable Construction Entity Foundation (EBC). These lands are part of the municipal land heritage of the Estepona City Council, with an area of ​​5,000 square meters and a building area of ​​10,000 square meters.

The plot is located in the Juan Benítez areaa sector that has had a great development in recent years with the creation of facilities such as the Fair and Sports Park, the Athletics Stadium and the Felipe VI Auditorium, and that it is very well connected thanks to the creation of the northern ring road, which also involved the provision of services, green areas, car parks and leisure areas in this area.

These dwellings are mixedof which 52 correspond to properties under the Special Regime and 48 under the General Regime, which have one, two and three bedrooms, There are also adapted homes for people with reduced mobility. In addition, all of them have as attached elements, a parking space and a storage room, as well as a swimming pool and indoor community areas with a children’s area.

Among the social measures in this area launched by the Estepona City Council, it is worth highlighting the creation of a pioneering social fund in adapting homes to neighbors with limited economic resources, which favors the solution to health problems, vulnerability and habitability of those homes of people with economic difficulties. Likewise, the Consistory has an item for social emergency aid to attend to the most vulnerable groups.

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