Estepona City Council values ​​that the hotels in the city have been the most profitable in Spain during the month of August, according to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Revenue per available room reached 249.25 euros per night in the hotel establishments in our city, while the Spanish average stood at 101.6 euros. Thus, Estepona is in first place followed by Marbella (236.39 euros) and San Sebastián (195.77 euros).

The INE has also highlighted that the profitability of Estepona hotels during the month of August has increased by 30 percent compared to the same period in 2021.

All these data highlight that Estepona has repositioned and consolidated its tourism brand, in a commitment to quality tourism, which is the one that generates the most employment. The Consistory considers that the municipal commitment to an attractive and revitalized city and initiatives such as the project ‘Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol’ or ‘the city of a million flowers’ have deseasonalized the sector and have brought with it the creation of establishments quality hotels in the city.

To this must be added the implementation of other infrastructures as unique as the coastal corridor or the legal certainty and institutional rigor offered to investors, which has led to the implementation of new hotel chains.

The government team considers that in the last decade Estepona has been provided with a series of facilities, services and attractions that consolidate it as a first-class tourist destination, where quality of life and sustainability are predominant values.

Likewise, the City Council appreciates the involvement of the entire tourism sector in the city for offering an excellent service to visitors, while contributing to economic revitalization and job creation.

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