Estepona Town Hall has incorporated new measures to the `energy efficiency plan’ to monitor energy and economic savings in the field of electricity supply in the face of escalating electricity prices, and will apply a control and, as reported on Monday the deputy mayor of the External Control and Resource Management area, Blas Ruzafa.

Thus, the Consistory has increased the control over the use made of energy in municipal buildings and facilities and in public spaces with the aim of avoiding situations of misuse of energy.

In this sense, the Estepona City Council has transferred to the Municipal Nursery Schools and Infant and Primary Education centers the importance that “we all make responsible use of light to avoid situations of waste or unnecessary consumption when the facilities are empty”. Also, it will be put special attention to municipal sports facilities so that such situations do not occur.

Ruzafa has announced that they are going to install solar street lamps in different enclaves of the outskirts to improve public lighting without increasing the cost of the electricity bill. Specifically, the installation of a total of 170 units at various points such as Resinera, Archidona, Alpandaire, Benadalid, Faraján and Eugenio Taillefer streets to continue with the commitment to clean and environmentally friendly energies.

The mayor has recalled that the City Council of Estepona has already installed this photovoltaic lighting system to illuminate other spaces in the city such as the roads that connect the highway with the plot where the hospital, Las Golondrinas avenue in Isdabe, a garden area in Seghers, in Las Joyas and in the car park next to the bullring.

In addition to installing this type of lampposts, the Consistory has limited hours for turning on city fountains to reduce electricity consumption. In this regard, Ruzafa has explained that these ornamental elements are turned off at 11:00 p.m.except those located in the roundabouts of the main axes of the municipality, which remain on until 00:00.

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