The Estepona City Council reports that it is joining Unicaja Basketball’s ‘Our province plays’ campaign for the second year for the 2022/2023 season.

The councilor assigned to the Youth and Sports area, José Antonio Bandera, explained that thanks to this campaign, Unicaja Basketball will hold a match dedicated to Estepona that can be enjoyed by residents of the city.

For said match, there will be events planned to promote the city, for which a tent will be set up on the outside esplanade of the Martín Carpena where a ‘Fan Zone’ will be enjoyed, in which numerous activities will be carried out, such as games or distribution memories, among others.

Once inside, special Estepona advertising will be broadcast on the video scoreboard and on the LED ring, and other promotional actions will be carried out such as tastings for the attending public, distribution of merchandising and contests during the break.

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