The Estepona Town Hall has activated a new campaign to support local businesses and encourage citizens to carry out their purchases in the shops of the municipality and consume in their establishments, as reported this Wednesday by the Councilor for Commerce, Cristina Cintrano.

The municipal manager has explained that from this week will be distributed billboards in different parts of the city with the campaign, which has as its motto ‘Our shops, our hospitality, our companies. All together we make a better Estepona’.

The initiative is intended raise awareness among citizens how important it is support our business fabric, because this way it contributes to revitalize the economy and to maintain and create local employment.

In this regard, it has also highlighted that the small and medium businesses They contribute to giving life to the city because they keep urban centers, neighborhoods and residential areas alive, while referring to the close, personalized and professional treatment that local businesses offer their customers

It has also announced that, together with this initiative, in the municipal media campaigns will be carried out to promote local commerce. In this way, as declared by the municipal manager, the Consistory returns to bet on this type of measureswhich have always given very good results, to help and contribute to the development of local businesses.

Also, the mayor has highlighted the great boost that Estepona has experienced in recent years regarding the industrial and commercial activitywhich has been reflected in the opening of new and different businesses, which offer a wide range of products and services.

In addition, Cristina Cintrano has referred to the other stimulus measures promoted by the City Council to benefit the local business fabric, such as the suppression since 2012 of the opening fee for a total of 35 commercial activities classified as innocuous, while for the rest of the activities a 75 percent bonus is offered in the cost of the business opening license fee to groups that are in a situation of greater vulnerability.

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