The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, together with the Malaga architect and urban planner Salvador Moreno Peralta, presented this Thursday the act of Laying of the first stone of the project that will create a large public space that will generate a balcony towards the Mediterranean and which will include a sociocultural facility, a commercial and restaurant area, on Avenida de España, next to the Lighthouse.

The councilor indicated that, after the comprehensive remodeling of the old town and the connection of the coast through the littoral corridor, The future space will mean the most important urban transformation that has taken place in Estepona in recent years to promote the union of the city with the sea. The councilor pointed out that the new sociocultural complex will have several elements of interest such as a music conservatory, a first-rate exhibition space with large windows open to the sea and a unique vertical library, which will have a viewpoint where visitors can enjoy a 360 degree panorama of the city.

García Urbano pointed out that the property will be complemented with the regeneration of the promenade in the section adjacent to the marina and a large public square at the ground level of the current highway. For all these reasons, he stressed that “the essence of this new facility is that it will be of a public and socio-cultural nature”. In addition, the facility will have a parking area and commercial premises.

The works for the execution of this project began at the end of last September. After the completion of the cleaning and adaptation of the land that has been developed under the grade of the road, the works will focus during the next two months on the foundation of the structure that will be executed on the plot.

The project, whose completion is scheduled for the first months of 2023, has been prepared by the Malaga architect and urban planner Salvador Moreno Peralta, winner of the National Urban Planning Award and also includes the urbanization of the surroundings. In this way, it will integrate this privileged enclave of the city with the remodeled urban center, enhancing one of the main axes of the municipality and making it possible to open the city to the sea, generating – also – a new focus of tourist attraction in line with the Estepona project, Garden of the Costa del Sol.

Thus, a large open pedestrian zone will be created in this section in front of the Pescadores neighborhood, with public squares and staggered parks between the avenue and the current promenade, connecting with the port from La Rada beach and through the El Faro gardens. All this, with a continuous balcony towards the sea and the immediate beach of La Rada.

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