The City Council of Estepona has launched a new edition of the ‘Apréndelo’ program, aimed at offering social work to high school students what have been temporarily suspended from attending their instituteswith which they can carry out tasks of volunteering in social entities of the municipality, as reported this Monday by the deputy mayor of the Sociocultural area, Begoña Ortiz,

The municipal official explained that this municipal initiative is aimed at those young people who, for accumulation of warnings in the institutesthey must stay a few days in their homes.

Thus, through this educational program, the Consistory offers these students the opportunity to perform during that period of time volunteer work in social entities of the city such as the Estepona Association for the Mentally Handicapped (APRONA) and the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients.

Ortiz stressed that the objective of this initiative is to provide a positive response to the situation in which the sanctioned students find themselves, offering young people a educational and socially committed alternative.

In this way, the minors they should not stay at home during the days that the imposed sanction lasts, also preventing them from being isolated in their homes in the absence of adults who can supervise them during school hours.

The mayor has indicated that contact with charitable associations will have a favorable impact on these children, since they will know other realities that will make them acquire values ​​of solidarity and commitment.

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