The locality of Estepona has a ‘smoke-free beach’which is located in the central area of ​​La Rada, to ensure that citizens can enjoy a space facing the sea where healthy habits are promoted as reported on Tuesday by the councilor for the branch, Susana Aragón.

The mayor has indicated that this smoke-free space occupies a Approximate area of ​​1,000 square meters on La Rada beach, next to some playground and water park tracks that settles in that area every summer. The Consistory has opted for this location because it is a coastal area that is highly visited by children and people interested in practicing sports in the open air.

Aragón has commented that this performance has as objective to promote healthy lifestyles and improve the health of users who visit our beaches. In this regard, he has recalled that the smoking is the number one preventable cause of disease, disability and premature death in the world and that in Europe alone causes more than 1.2 million deaths each year, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

He also pointed out that this smoke-free area on La Rada beach aims to raise awareness among the population about the importance of prevent tobacco residues from remaining on the coast. In this sense, he has stressed that each cigarette butt that is deposited in the sand or on the shore can contaminate up to 50 liters of water. Besides, the chemical composition of cigarettes makes them take up to 10 years to degradewhich causes damage both to the seabed and to the species that inhabit it.

To all this we must add that the creation of a ‘beach without smoke’ also contributes to improving the image of the city’s coast, since more and more people want to have public spaces where they are not disturbed that tobacco causes.

The ‘beach without smoke’ is adhered to project of the Andalusian Network of Sanitary Services and Smoke-Free Spaceswhich aims to raise public awareness about the importance of quitting smokingas well as the health facilities that exist to give up this habit.

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