The city of Estepona begins its participation in the XV National Heropadelfirecops Championship, an occasion to take Estepona’s name to the top thanks to this national competition. It is necessary to highlight as a fundamental characteristic of this meeting the composition of its participants: members of the State security forces and bodies.

The national championship began its journey 15 years ago in the municipality of MarbellaThe organization then divided them into two venues, one in this city of Malaga and the other in Alicante, dividing the teams between both venues. However, since last year, a single competition has been returned with the participation of all teams in a single competition draw.

In the case of the Estepona team, made up mainly of local policemen, its captain, Guillermo Castellani, has recognized AZ Costa del Sol that they face “this competition with great desire to represent Estepona”, although they explain that they are aware that “it is very difficult to get a win“.

William thanked Achedosol for sponsorship, without the one who recognizes, participation could not have been possible, since from this company they have taken care of the equipment and registration costs.

So, Estepona will face the meetings from today September 2 until next Saturday 4, the latter being the day of the awards ceremony and the celebration of the gala dinner.

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