The Estepona municipal car park plan advances with the projection of a new parking public underground with a cost of one euro per day next to the Nuestra Señora del Carmen parish, as reported by the City Council on Thursday.

This future public facility will become the sixth of these characteristics which will form part of the network of economic car parks deployed at the points where detects a higher concentration of vehicles.

The Consistory has reached a according to him Bishopric of Malaga so that this new parking underground can be executed, in part, in the existing esplanade next to the Nuestra Señora del Carmen parish. The project, which is currently in preparation phase of geotechnical studies, It also contemplates that the works be carried out on Padre Fernando street.

The future parking public will have a 380 spaces that will be distributed over three underground floors. The forecast is that the 50 percent of car parks are in rotation and that the other half may remain as property for those registered in the city, as has happened with the parking public that the City Council is finalizing in the Plaza del Ajedrez.

Once the works of the future are finished parking next to the parish of Carmen, the City Hall will create a square in the area and will maintain the current surface car parksas well as road traffic. Likewise, the Bishopric will recover in the same conditions the private plot attached to the parish, which will be transferred temporarily for the execution of the works.

Like the previous public car parks promoted by the Consistory, the one planned next to the Nuestra Señora del Carmen parish also will be run by a charity that develops its social activity in the municipality.

In addition to benefit the residents of Huerta Nueva Y of the San Roque street environmentthe new parking will also be enjoyed by citizens who visit La Rada beach or the future socio-cultural facility that is being built next to the Punta Doncella Lighthouse.

The future car park adds to the network of cheap car parks that started with parking that was put into operation in the Antonia Guerrero square in March 2018. Located in the historic center, the property has capacity for a hundred vehicles and it has been managed since its inauguration by the Estepona Association for the Mentally Handicapped (APRONA) to promote the employment of its users.

Other public car parks included in this municipal network are the existing in the Athletics Stadium, that has a thousand places, the one that is being built in the basement of the new Town Hall, the one created on San Lorenzo Avenue and the one that is being finalizing with 500 parking spaces in the Chess Square.

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