The City Council of Estepona has put out to tender the construction, management and operation of a new underground car park public in the central avenue of Spain, between the section between Delfin street and the intersection with Juan Carlos I avenue, next to the seafront, an infrastructure that will provide the city with 250 parking spaces, as reported on Monday.

This new parking will occupy one area of ​​6,600 square meters and it will be available along the entire length of the area of ​​action, about 390 meters, on a single floor, as well as including spaces with an electric vehicle recharging system.

The project also includes the exterior surface redevelopment, in line with the comprehensive remodeling carried out on the promenade. In this way, the pavement, the supply and service networks, as well as the urban furniture will be renewed with modern and more efficient elements.

Another objective of this action will be the revegetation, planting trees and creating gardens in surface areas, following the sustainable city model promoted in the last decade, as reported by the Consistory.

It will be a Administrative concession, so that the company that is awarded the contract will be responsible for the execution of the works and their subsequent management for a maximum period of 40 years. Once this period has elapsed, this equipment will become part of the municipal heritage. This contract does not generate any economic obligation charged to the municipal budget.

Once the works have been awarded and the contract with the company has been signed, the work, which will be carried out within a period of 18 months. In this sense, the City Council has specified that a period of partial execution of the works is established, so that in 4 months from the signing of the layout act, the part of the work that is currently configured as a promenade must be completed, with in order to allow pedestrian traffic in the most immediate way possible.

This new project joins the ‘municipal parking plan‘, launched by the Consistory to provide parking in areas with higher density. In this area, we must highlight the pioneering network of public parking spaces, with a price of one euro per day, and linked to promoting the labor integration of people with disabilities, as these spaces are managed by the Association for the Mentally Handicapped of Estepona (APRONA).

Within this plan, 1,000 parking spaces have been created under the new Athletics Stadium, more than a hundred seats in the central Antonia Guerrero square and as many on San Lorenzo avenue. At the moment a car park with half a thousand spaces is under construction in the surroundings of the Plaza del Ajedrez, of which half will be owned.

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