The plenary session of the Estepona City Council has agreed this Friday the remuneration of the members of the municipal Corporationwhose cost has been reduced by 11% by having 10 of its 17 councilors exclusively dedicated, as well as the mayor, José María García Urbano, will not receive any compensation for the exercise of the position when performing and having declared its compatibility with his function public as property registrar, as reported by the Consistory.

Thus, the councilor will not receive any economic endowment for the assistance to government bodiesby renouncing them, they have indicated.

Due to this situation, which has been in place since the mayor took office in June 2011, the Estepona City Council is going to save almost 1.3 million euros in 16 years in the 4 terms that García Urbano has led since he took the baton more than a decade ago, and including the 4 years of the recently started legislature, taking into account the remuneration that the previous socialist councilor set for himself in 2008, which reached the 80,956.4 euros gross per year.

In this way, they have reported that only 10 of the 17 councilors that make up the government team will have full time. The total cost of the remuneration of these councilors has been reduced by more than 11%, standing at 635,300 euros gross per year, compared to 717,000 euros gross per year in the previous mandate.

In addition, will not receive financial compensation from the Estepona City Council the councilors Encarnación Pérez, Salomé Hidalgo, Salvador Pedraza, Pablo García and Jorge Moro. The opposition political groups and councilors They will receive allowances for assistance to the Corporation’s bodies. In this way, the political groups will receive a fixed monthly allowance of 300 euros and a variable of 50 euros per councilor.

Likewise, the opposition councilors and councilors without exclusive dedication nor partial will receive 300 euros for attendance at the Plenary of the City Council and 30 euros as members of the information commissions.

in relation to temporary staff, a maximum of 12 people is established; although the mandate starts with only six. In this sense, it should be remembered that the previous socialist government had 21 positions of trust and management, which represented an annual cost of 910,000 euros. The celebration of the ordinary plenary sessions of the Estepona City Council is set for the third Thursday of the month.

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