The Town Hall of Estepona continues to reduce the average payment period to suppliers and which currently stands at 9.3 days, a figure that is below the average of Spain, which is 46.15 daysas reported by the City Council on Wednesday.

In this way, the The Consistory is at the head of the administrations that take less time to pay its suppliers in Spain, as can be seen from the Municipal Treasury report on the fourth quarter of 2022.

In this way, from the local Administration they have recalled that according to the data published by the central Government, the average payment period of the town halls in Spain stands at 46.15 days according to the data provided last November.

In this sense, it should be noted that the Estepona City Council has been significantly reducing the average payment period in recent years. Thus, they have pointed out that with the Socialist municipal corporation in 2011 was 1,492 days; a figure that has been progressively decreasing, accentuating this reduction in the last three years until now stand at 9.3 days, much less than the 30 days established by Law 9/2017 on Public Sector Contracts.

Likewise, there have been recalled that the Estepona City Council is up to date on payments to companies and suppliers that provide services to the Consistory, having paid for all contracted services and no derivative debts neither of this exercise nor of previous ones since this government team is in charge of the City Council.

In this regard, from the local Administration they have also highlighted the effort made to pay off inherited debtwhich in June 2011 amounted to 304 million euros and which is currently stands at 50 million euros.

This has been possible thanks to aresponsible and compliant managementwhich has faced these inherited debts, while the greater public investment in equipment and services without raising taxes on citizens and only with the good management and administration of public resources.

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