The City Council of Estepona has reinforced the street cleaning service of the city to deal with the effects of the haze with new personnel and machinery, for which they have incorporated six operators and six vehicles in order to have more resources during the months of increased tourist activity, as announced this Friday by the deputy mayor of the External Control and Resource Management area, Blas Ruzafa.

The municipal official has indicated that the new staff and machinery are incorporated into the special cleaning device that has been put in place to get the city ready after the rainy season accompanied by mud from the last days. In this sense, he has indicated that the cleaning work will continue to focus on remove deposited slimewhich is very complex to remove as it becomes embedded in the pavement, as it requires several high-pressure washdowns and large flows of water.

The mayor explained that in order for the city to be in the better conditions for EasterIt has been reinforced washdown and hydrocleaning with the incorporation of two new shifts in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each of which will have light vehicles with high pressure equipment and a vehicle with washing equipment/tanker truck.

Four of these vehicles are small and are very suitable for intervening in the Estepona old townsince they can access pedestrian areas, squares and narrow streets for cleaning, with the same features as larger trucks.

These services will operate from Monday to Friday and a hydrocleaning shift for weekends and holidays.

The Councilor for External Control and Resource Management in Estepona has pointed out that the cleaning will also be reinforced with a stripper service of sidewalks with pressure washer 280 bar high pressure, with hot water boiler and 1,100 liter tank. This machine has two domes that project water at high pressure and temperature on the sidewalk, which is later collected by the suction system that equips the machine.

The vehicle also has a lance on its back for use as a manual pressure washer, which makes it easier to act in areas that are not accessible to the machine, as is the case of urban furniture environments or tree pits.

The reinforcement of the cleaning service is completed with a new shift of a sidewalk sweeper, that will be in operation from Monday to Sunday, and that it is smaller than the others that will continue to operate in the main avenues.

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