The City Council of Estepona has reinforced the beach cleaning service to continue with the withdrawal of the reeds that last week’s storm has been depositing on the entire coastline, with the removal of 2,200 cubic meters of this plant material, as reported this Wednesday by the councilor of the branch, Susana Aragón.

The municipal official has indicated that since last Thursday the Consistory has withdrawn more than 2,250 cubic meters of reeds that the rivers and streams have been dragging to the beaches after the heavy rains recorded in the mountains.

The mayor has pointed out that the device for the removal of plant debris it has been intensified with an afternoon shift, in addition to the usual morning shift. In addition, the workers of the municipal cleaning delegation will also carry out these tasks during the weekend with the aim that the more than 22 kilometers of beaches are in optimal conditions at Easter.

The special device for reed removal is made up of six tractors, six beach cleaning machines and two towing vehicles. During the last few days it has been possible to intervene on La Rada beach and in the Guadalmansa area. The works will continue in El Padrón.

Due to the important flow of water that has been reaching the mouths of rivers and streams, as well as the volume of sediments and reeds that they dragged, the beach machinery had not yet been able to access certain points on the outskirts. Once the rivers have considerably reduced the water levelspecialized vehicles can travel safely to beaches that require cleaning due to the accumulation of reeds.

On the other hand, the municipal delegation of Playas continues working on the preparation of the coastline for Holy Week. Thus, it has begun to install the wooden walkways that connect the promenade with the modules and the different beach services (modules, showers and footbaths), which are distributed throughout the coastline, are being refurbished.

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