The City Council of Estepona and the Positive Advance association have signed a collaboration agreement to launch a program that aims to diagnose and treat the vulnerable population with hepatitis C.

Mayor, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano has highlighted the importance of this agreement because it will allow people suffering from this disease to be cared for, also preventing the spread of this virus, which has a high mortality rate when it is not combated with currently available medical treatments.

The signed agreement determines that the association Avance Positivo will provide the Consistory with the oral early detection tests of the HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) so that he can carry out the tests free of charge at the Regional Center for Drug Addictions and Addictions in Estepona.

Appointment with the specialist at Hospital Costa del Sol

In case the test is positivethe association will manage the appointment of the patient with the specialist of the Hospital Costa del Sol and will accompany you throughout the treatment. Likewise, Avance Positivo will inform the Regional Center for Drug Addictions and Addictions of Estepona of the medical evolution of the person being treated.

On the other hand, the councilor has indicated that the City Council, through the Regional Center for Drug Addictions and Addictions, will inform the users at special risk of suffering from this disease of the possibility they have of having this test done free of charge and of being cared for by a team of professionals.

“Our The goal is for Estepona to be a HCV-free cityso we are going to put all these resources in favor of those who may need it most”, commented the councilor, who thanked all the Positive Support volunteers for the work they are doing in this area on the Costa del Sol.

On the other hand, the Positive Support representative, Dr. José Luis Prada, has pointed out the importance of this agreement because every year 399,000 people die in the world due to liver causes related to hepatitis C. According to the latest studies, it is estimated that in our country there are some 80,000 patients to be treated; of which 71% would already have a previous diagnosis and 29% would not know that they are infected.

Prada has highlighted the importance of screening tests because new treatments with Direct-acting antivirals have a cure rate of over 95%are of short duration and with an adverse effect rate of less than 2%, which favors patient adherence.

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