Estepona City Council has published the administrative specifications for the award of the works contract for the construction of a public park in the Las Mesas area and that it will have a base budget for the tender of 790,000 euros and a term of execution 3 months.

The new green zone will be executed in a total area of ​​16,500 square meters, on a plot located between Latvia and Tres Banderas streets. This land is currently occupied by a old raft for storage in disuse.

The base budget for the bidding of the works is 790,000 euros (VAT included) and an execution period of 3 months. Companies interested in presenting their offers will be able to do so until next June 21at 2:00 p.m., through the Electronic Office.

The way of contract award It will be through an “open procedure in which any interested businessperson may present a proposal, excluding any negotiation of the terms” of the same, as well as a “plurality of criteria based on the best value for money”, as specified in the specifications.

The project, which has been published in the profile of the contracting party of the Consistory and to which the offers that are presented must be adjusted; includes a artificial lake configured in three elevation levelsgardens, playgrounds, a cafeteria, fountains, viewpoints and a mass of trees with tropical, subtropical and endemic coniferous species.

Likewise, the initiative that the Estepona City Council has put out to tender also contemplates the public lighting installationsupply networks and irrigation.

As indicated in the specifications, the construction of this facility satisfies “the need to provide the municipality with a public park on land located in a partially developed area and with the forecast of full development in the coming months”.

In this way, the document highlights that Las Mesas is “one of the areas of greatest expansion of the municipalitywhich will lead to a high demand for free spaces and green areas for the citizens who reside in its vicinity, as well as for the enjoyment of all the residents and visitors of the municipality”.

In the new green equipment “will be developed a good landscaping treatment” where landscaped spaces will predominate, hosting “large common areas with fountains, civic squares, lakes, spaces for outdoor sports activities, playgrounds and lounge areas located between a network of paths that connect the different dependencies”, according to the specifications.

In addition, it will have a wide wooded area that make up the free systems of the public plot, which comes to collect the demand and concerns of citizenship in achieving landscaped spaces that meet the expectations of a city like Estepona”.

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