The City Council of Estepona has received European Funds NextGenerationEU for the installation of the computer network of the future municipal buildingjust as it has tendered this service for a budget of 155,400 euros, as reported this Thursday by the deputy mayor of the area of ​​Economy, Innovation and Human Resources, José María Ayala.

The mayor explained that the Consistory has tendered the contract for the installation of the new computer networkWhich will allow interconnect the different floors and areas of the new Consistory, and this one with the rest of municipal dependencies.

The municipal official has pointed out that this tender, which has a budget of 155,400 euros (VAT included), will allow the City Council progress in digitization and modernization of its facilities.

In this sense, he explained that the new computer network will be integrated with the servers that currently exist in the Town Hall, this being the latest generation and increasing the speed of communication between serversthe positions of the employees, as well as the interconnection with the internet and the citizens.

The material to be purchased with these European Funds is made up of 2 CORE communications switches. These interconnection devices will be located in the new Data Processing Center. On the other hand, 15 access switches and 56 transceivers of different speeds will be installed, all linked by fiber optics.

Secondly, José María Ayala has pointed out that with the construction and equipping of the new Town Hall The transformation and modernization of the computer communications of this administration will be reinforced. The new Consistory will be the nerve center of all intercommunication, both with the rest of the dependencies and with the citizens, making this City Council one of the most technologically advanced in Spain.

East administrative building will consist of 13,246 square meters; 9,392 of them will be built above ground, including the ground floor plus seven floors (same height as the adjoining building) and 3,917 square meters will be below groundcontemplating a mezzanine and a basement for parking with capacity for 132 spaces, which will have the same payment system of one euro per day for the user.

This new property, which will be finished before the end of the year, is located in the heart of the city, in the Central Park area; that is, at the point of connection between the historic center and the extension of the urban center. In this way, it will be integrated into this environment, giving thanks to its design a character of modernity to this consolidated and central area of ​​the city.

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