The City Council of Estepona has tendered the works for the improvement of access road to Los Reales de Sierra Bermejafrom the Puerto de PeñasBlancas to the Plazoleta de Salvador Guerrero, an action that will reinforce road safety and that has a budget of 398,693.98 euros that will be financed by the Diputación de Málaga, as reported this Thursday the Consistory.

Jobs will include reinforcement of the pavement along the route, the opening and cleaning of ditches and their subsequent concrete lining, beaconing and replacement of vertical signage. said works they will not have an impact on the environment and do not entail the occupation of adjacent land nor the creation of new stretches of road.

With this action it is intended provide adequate access to vehicles emergencybeing able to facilitate the crossing of two of them in safe conditions, as well as preserve telecommunications infrastructurewhose access lane has already been repaired.

Thus, security is reinforced on this road in the case of the circulation of heavy vehicles, such as a firefighting truck, in emergencies and in conditions of reduced visibility. In this sense, from the City Council they have recalled that this road was crucial in extinguishing the fire that last year originated in Genalguacil and that spread through Sierra Bermeja.

The bidding budget amounts to a total of 398,693.98 euros, VAT included, which will be financed by the Provincial Council of Malaga.

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