Estepona City Council is carrying out a preventive campaign to control insect pests that could damage the trees of the public parks of the municipality and is applying a sustainable treatment to more than 500 ficus which aims to prevent the damage that psylla can cause in this tree species, as reported this Friday by the deputy mayor of the Services and External Control area, Blas Ruzafa.

The municipal official explained that it is a preventive action carried out as soon as the first symptoms are detected, before cotton-wool secretions form in the trees. In addition, he has ensured that this way of proceeding is the best strategy to fight this plague.

The application of phytosanitary products is carried out using Ynject devices via endotherapy (injection in the trunk), allowing in a simple way and without investment in machinery increase good phytosanitary and vegetative status of the copies.

In this way, during the period in which this campaign is carried out, the municipal workers trained for this purpose, will administer 2,250 injections of insecticide on the trunks of these tree species, normally 3 applications per specimen, reaching the 5 units in large ficus.

In this sense, Ruzafa has explained that the application is fast and withdrawal practically immediate. In addition, it is a sustainable method since a small amount of phytosanitary products is applied, while It saves water and energy.

Another advantage of this system is that no chemical emissions into the environment, since the product is injected directly into the trunk. The applicator operators are part of the landscaping staff templatewho have been trained to carry out this task and have a phytosanitary applicator card required by current legislation.

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