Estepona City Council has launched a special cleaning device in which 31 workers work on the occasion of Holy Week, with which the Consistory will once again wash down the urban center and the streets along which it the different processional routes runas reported this Wednesday by the deputy mayor of the External Control and Resource Management area, Blas Ruzafa.

The municipal official has pointed out that the washing trucks will incorporate a concentrated detergent with an aroma similar to that produced by the flowering of orange trees, highlighting that “this characteristic smell that all we relate to spring and Andalusian Holy Week It will be very present in public spaces, included in the itineraries of our processions”.

This same product will be used in the container environmentsas well as in the washing down the streets of the historic center that more visits receive during these days, Ruzafa has indicated, who has explained that this performance is part of the special cleaning service which has been launched on the occasion of Holy Week.

In this operating an average of 31 workers work with the aim that the city is in the best conditions during the days in which it receives a greater influx of visitors, for which reason throughout this week also increases the number of containers to deal with the increase in waste generated by the greater presence of tourists and visitors.

This is complemented by a urban solid waste collection reinforcement route in the afternoon for the same purpose and thus avoid container overflows, pointed out the mayor, who pointed out that increases the frequency of container washing in the urban center with daily washes at night.

Also, before the passage of the processions will proceed to remove, with an open box vehicle, the existing containers, returning to place once finished the route. Already during the parade, 4 operators will accompany each procession for manual sweeping and remove the waste left during the processional march.

The Holy Saturday the intensive cleaning of the wax will be carried out deposited by the passage of processions along the official route, with the intervention of 3 hydro-cleaning vans with high pressure hot water. For these tasks, a sidewalk stripper is added that mechanically hydro-cleans the pavement, speeding up the work and achieving a better finish.

In addition to the usual means of reinforcement on these dates, for Holy Week they have incorporated new auxiliary washing equipmentmechanical sweeping and hydrocleaning together with the stripper already mentioned 6 new workers assigned to street cleaning. One of the hydro-cleaning teams and the new mechanical sweeper will work in the afternoon shift to reinforce that time slot.

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