The plenary session of the Estepona City Council has agreed this Monday the initial approval of an innovation of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) for unblock two urban projects in Arroyo Vaquero and Guadalobón to develop a university in the latterprocedures with which the city will obtain more than one million square meters for general systems and green areas, as reported by the Consistory.

In the case of cowboy creekthe innovation of the PGOU will allow Estepona receive 600,000 square meters of general systems that will have a cultural, leisure and sports use. In addition, once the processing for the development of these lands is completed, the city will have some land where a total of 519 subsidized homes and new green areas will be built.

On the other hand, the partial innovation of the PGOU in the Guadolobón sector will enable the construction of a university equipment, as well as a campus with their corresponding green areas. In this sector, the Consistory will have 60,000 square meters for parks and public green spaces and some land where a total of 183 officially protected homes can be promoted. The urban processing will release another 30,000 square meters for the creation of connections with other nearby sectors.

Both projects, which they comply with the urban planning regulations in force in the PGOUwill continue with their processing under the supervision of the Estepona City Council and the Andalusian Government.

For her part, the secretary of the Estepona PSOE, Emma Molina, has criticized that the specific modification of elements will be made to “vSeveral plots of land for the benefit of businessman Juan José Hidalgowho has become the new promoter of fashion in the city after his Appointment as Favorite Son of Estepona and after acquiring CD Estepona”.

Molina has stated that “this operation only seeks to Juan José Hidalgo, president of the Globalia group of dubious reputation, -allegedly- accused of fraud of an urban development ball with some land that he acquired for three dollars, are revalued with this modification.

The secretary has warned of “the lack of transparency of this procedure, with a plenary session held in the month of August on an urgent basis and with little documentation to prevent citizens from knowing the details of this big hit”.

Lastly, he pointed out that these new developments planned in Guadalobón and Arroyo Vaquero will entail”a crowding of the citysince the buildability of the land is increased, with the consequent environmental impact”.

According to Molina, the ultimate goal of tidying up these lands should be to be able to develop the original university project foreseen in the Nadal inheritance and not enrich an entrepreneur who, with these modifications, manages to be able to build on the beachfront, instead of on the north of the highway. An operation from which the people of Estepona do not obtain any benefit.

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