The City Council of Estepona will award economic prizes for a total value of 15,000 euros to the registered athletes in the town that have participated in official competitions during the past financial year 2021, in the different sports modalities recognized as such by the Higher Sports Council, as reported this Wednesday by the deputy mayor of the Sociocultural area, Begoña Ortiz.

The mayor explained that the Consistory has promoted this contest with the aim of supporting local athletes, offering them more means so that they can continue to increase their technical level and sports performance. He also recalled the effort that the City Council has made to promote the practice of sport in the city and to improve the facilities and create new spaces such as the Fair and Sports Park, the Athletics Stadium, new soccer fields and thirty sports courts in the neighborhoods.

As reported by the municipal official, three categories have been established, such as those of Andalusian runner-up, Andalusian champion or runner-up in Spain or higher: Europe, World or international competition; and that of champion of Spain or higher: Europe, World or international competition.

The The deadline for submitting applications will be open until September 30. The application form can be downloaded from the page website sports.estepona.eswhere you can also consult the documentation that must be attached and the different ways through which the request can be submitted.

They can participate in this contest athletes who are registered in the town since at least January 1, 2021, who have valid license from an Andalusian or Spanish sports federation from the same date in the sports specialty for which sports results are presented, and who perform a competitive sport of any sports specialty that is Olympic or that is recognized by the Higher Sports Council.

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