The Spanish-Swiss pianist and composer Susanna Ikebana will return to the city with an acoustic concert next Friday, October 22, at 8:30 p.m., at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center.

True to her appointment with Estepona, the artist will delight the audience with the ‘Candlelight’ concert, along with two Spanish musicians (violinist and guitarist) who will accompany her so that the magic of sound mixes with the poetry of a night lit by the candles.

Susanna Ikebana will perform several classic songs from her repertoire such as ‘Winter Moon’ (For Yutta), ‘Little Girl’, ‘Andalusian Mistery’, or ‘I miss you’, among others. In addition, he will present some new ones that will be included in his next album ‘White Orchid’, which will be released later this year. Among them, some melodies with a focus on cinema and soundtracks like ‘Requiem’.

He will also pay tribute to the Andalusian land he fell in love with, with one of his latest songs ‘Alhambra Garden’, inspired by the beauty and charm of the Alhambra in Granada.

Known as ‘The pianist of the heart’, Ikebana creates her own melodies with great sensitivity so that they reach the heart and awaken emotions. His style, full of poetry, relaxes and transports the listener to a fantastic world.

Ikebana carries music within his soul since he was born. “Music is my essence, music is my life,” he says. His compositions are inspired by nature, life circumstances, images …

In addition to the classical genre, he performs more contemporary romantic ballads, jazz and soundtracks, the latter being one of his great passions, as well as a source of continuous inspiration. Thus, he has received classes from the famous American composer, Christopher Young, from Los Angeles, author of a long list of internationally successful soundtracks, such as ‘Jennifer 7’ or ‘Spiderman 3’, among others.

Free entrance, until capacity is completed.

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