Estepona Town Hall Consistory will intensify controls on access to Los Realesin Sierra Bermeja, and on other rural roads on the occasion of the campaign of forest fire preventionfor which tomorrow, Wednesday, a municipal side where the additional measures are established, as announced by the Consistory on Tuesday.

The document will be valid until October 15 and its motivation is based on the fact that during this period increases the risk of forest fires because the climate is drier and warmer in this area.

For fire prevention, the Consistory will intensify controls by the Local Police in access to Los Realesin Sierra Bermeja, and in other rural roads in the municipalityas detailed by the local entity.

In this way, the agents that will make up this surveillance device will be in charge of identify all the people who pass through the green areaseither in any type of vehicle or on foot, while will record the data of the cars that circulate through these natural enclaves.

Furthermore, it is also a information campaignsince agents will let users know the prohibitions collected in the municipal decree to prevent flames from starting on forest floors.

This campaign will be active until October 15, though can be extended depending on the weather and the risk of fire.

Thus, from tomorrow it will remain the burning of natural vegetation and agricultural and forest residues is prohibited and fire may not be used in distillation boilers and coal ovens, nor for the preparation of food or any other purpose. Included in the said ban are rest areas of the road network and recreational and camping areas, even if they are enabled for it.

In addition, the use of fire for burning stubblepastures, waste, charcoal or for any agricultural activity must communicate in advance to the provincial delegation of the Ministry of the Environment.

During this period of high fire risk, it is also the circulation of motorized vehicles off-road is prohibitedthrough dry or flooded riverbeds, livestock trails, forestry trails for logging and Forest tracks located outside the road network.

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