An intensive pruning plan is currently being carried out that will reach more than 2,000 trees throughout the Estepona municipal area.

The Deputy Mayor of the External Control and Services area, Blas Ruzafa, has indicated that, although this activity is carried out throughout the year, from October to March it is especially reinforced to guarantee the maintenance and conservation of the city’s tree heritage. In fact, every year it is performed in more than 6,000 copies.

Regarding the current campaign, the mayor has reported that the objective is improve the health of trees by removing dry, poorly oriented, broken or fallen branches. Likewise, palm leaves and fruits will also be removed. In addition, its ornamental value will be increased and interference with existing buildings, public lighting and signage in the city will be eliminated.

Blas Ruzafa has indicated that the intensive pruning campaign is taking place at four different points. The first is the pruning of palms and palm trees in the areas of the Paseo Marítimo, Avenida de España, Avenida del Carmen, Avenida Padre Cura, Avenida Puerta del Mar, Villas del Mediterráneo, Orquidario Botanical Park and Cancelada. This started a month and a half ago and the duration will be four months.

The second point focuses on the hardwoods . It will be performed on Avenida de España, Avenida del Carmen, Avenida Litoral, Avenida de Andalucía, various roads in the La Lobilla area, Calle Real, Mar y Sierra, Terraza, Plaza del Rocío, 25 Years of Peace and Rise to the Royals . The estimated duration of the works will be 5 months.

Likewise, work will be done on the enhancement, cleaning and trimming of small tree canopies, without the need to use a pruning platform, in Plaza ABC, Plaza Ortiz, Calle Viento, Antero, Santa Ana, Terraza, Plaza Casares, Plaza del Reloj and La Lobilla area. The duration of these interventions is set at four months.

And finally, in addition, for two weeks, glass enhancement work has been carried out on the palm trees and hardwoods, that will be illuminated with Christmas ornaments.

The municipal official has also specified that the pruning plan established by the municipal delegation of Parks and Gardens is respectful with the environment, thus prohibiting aggressive pruning of ‘topping’, headless’ or ‘plywood’ that harm trees and therefore people.

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