Tow will perform again on the Auditorium stage of Starlit Catalana Occidente this Saturday, September 3. The brothers David and José Muñoz began their musical activity in 1999 and in just a few years they became the star group of Spanish music at the beginning of the new century.

Thanks to a masterful formula that mixes street and popular sense with styles such as rumba and rockas well as direct, everyday and generational lyrics, have managed to consolidate a career by making the public identify with their already iconic songs.

Songs like Lto the slit of your skirtCorduroy splitting, Red wine, Power source either brake pads They have led these artists to sell millions of records and to be one of the most recognized Spanish bands of the last two decades.

Now they celebrate the years working together with a tour in which they present his last album, Firewhich they launched in 2019, thus returning to the stage after a break forced by the pandemic, and in which they will also remember their greatest hits.

Fire is about their ninth album studio, in which they show that they still preserve and exude the same freshness, ingenuity, humor and self-confidence of their first songs. This musical work is the richest and most varied, with a dozen songs that relate chronicles that are as personal as they are costumbrista.

Thus, these brothers from Cornellá who grew up singing Camarón, Los Chichos, Serrat and Sabina, combining them with the heavy-rock of Extremoduro or the most rebellious hip hop, have sold more than four million records in Spain and Latin America, and have collaborated with artists as diverse as Ana Belén, Víctor Manuel, Chambao, Leiva or Albert Pla.

His ‘Fuego’ tour stops at Starlite Catalan Occidente in Marbella East saturday september 3in which it will be an evening “where the catchy choruses, the most rogue lyrics and the fused rhythms of flamenco and rock will be the protagonists”, as indicated by the organization of the festival.

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