The residents of the Forest Hill and La Abejera urbanizations in Estepona were startled and taken from their homes this morning by the fire declared in Sierra Bermeja, which continues to be active and whose extinction tasks are being complicated by the meteorological situation and the incidence of the wind.

Sonia is a neighbor of the Forest Hill urbanization that this Thursday is evicted from her home and who has decided together with her family not to go to the ward enabled by the City Council due to the current situation of Covid-19, in addition to having a pet, so They have spent the night in their vehicle and are considering going to a hotel throughout the day.

Although “To be evacuated yet”, assures that she and her family are “fine” and the night “We have lived it restless because up there are 300 homes that were evicted and we are a group of chalets that are below with 33 homes and the fire is less than 100 meters away ”, he said.

He has lived the moment with “the uncertainty of not knowing if the wind will continue to blow or if he is going to change direction “, for which he has assured that” he is scared “. “We are a little restless because the fire is very close to the houses and they are still trying to turn it off ”, he stressed.

After the eviction that occurred this morning in the area, it has indicated that his family spent the night in their car because “we have an animal and neither It gave us a lot of security to get into a pavilion with the Covid situation and we have my husband, I, my son and a pet in the vehicle ”.

Upon returning home, you have indicated that at the moment “you cannot enter the area yet, The firefighters are working and the helicopters are there ”, for which he has indicated that“ we don’t know anything else, it is closed ”. Thus, it arises spend the day “taking a hotel because you have to shower and wash and see if everything is okay”.

Another of the evicted residents of Estepona, who has preferred to remain anonymous, has reported that “hIt has been a very long night, we have had tense moments because the fire has practically reached homes, especially to the area of ​​Las Abejeras ”and according to a firefighter the flames “have reached the pool lawn, with which it has been really very close and it has been complicated ”.

The resident explained that “they evicted us at 03:00 and from 22:00 we had been seeing how the fire was approaching our houses ”, so he added that the situation has been experienced with “a lot of tension to see that the fire is coming to your house and that also the wind has been very strong throughout the night.” “We are in a very tense and quite complicated moment.”

The man, who has last night relocated in the El Carmen Pavilion in Estepona, has pointed out thatall agencies have been helping and supporting us, but the see that your house burns, it does not matter who is next, the moment is the moment”, He lamented. In this sense, he declared that in the municipal space “they have treated us well and have given us everything we need.”

Pablo Aragón is a neighbor of Estepona who has been helping friends who reside and have been evicted from the urbanizations of Estepona tonight. As he has related to Cadena Ser, the night has been “very busyI have not lived near the fire as friends of mine have lived, but I have gone in case they needed something ”.

“It was the most virulent fire”

“It’s horrible, the fires that have been there have been the most virulent, with gusts of wind of more than 50 kilometers per hour, which went from west to east as well ”and the wind “was marking the game to one side and another”, has commented.

As he has pointed out, around 10:00 p.m. he was alerted to the flames: “It seemed that there was fire and I went out to a clear place to see it and the image that was seen from the urban area of ​​Estepona is that It reached Peñas Blancas and towards Sierra Bermeja, towards that unique fir forest in the world on peridotite rock and a treasure that has remained outside the national park. It is very painful”.

“The conditions were full smoke, with flares with a front of more than 10 kilometers as far as I could see, and back to Estepona you could see perfectly that line of fire that went up to the mountains “, has indicated.

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