Broken goals, holes in the ground, rubbish. These are some of the problems presented by the 7-a-side soccer field in the Cancelada neighbourhood, in Estepona. This is what the neighbors have been denouncing for a long time.

Some 140 children from the Cancelada Sports Club currently use this field, which was inaugurated in 2017 and whose condition, families say, has continued to worsen due to lack of maintenance. And it is that to all these damages the cut of water in its facilities is recently added.

“The soccer field is not that it remains the same, it is that it is worse, now they do not even have water, we are still at 30 degrees and the children cannot even get their heads wet,” an affected neighbor told AZ Costa del Sol.

The families criticize that the City Council “has given them long” and ask for solutions, now that the team’s fourth season has just begun, so that the children are not forced to play in such conditions.

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