Last Friday, the Marbella Feminist association presented a telematic record before the Costa del Sol Health District denouncing the situation of collapse in which the Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis Unit in the Costa del Sol District is currently being treated. women who requested an appointment in 2018. Four years of delay that the Unit itself justifies due to the pandemic, still not matching the dates, due to the lack of adequate spaces and technical personnel to be able to attend to the users.

The importance of early detection of breast cancer through the use of mammography and other techniques is fundamental since they change the prognosis of the disease.

Early diagnosis is vital because the chances of cure depend on it, which can be 100% if detected early. In Malaga, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2021, 1,183 new cases were registered in Malaga at a rate of 137 per 100,000 women. These data, crossed with figures from the National Institute of Statistics, indicate that the Costa del Sol is the sixth Spanish province in number of new cases detected in that year. Although women who detect this type of cancer in time manage to survive, last year 190 women lost their lives in the province of Malaga, a rate of 22 fatalities per 100,000 women.

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