The 5th prize of the Christmas Lottery you have relapsed this Wednesday so whole in the population center of San Pedro de Alcántara, in Marbella, where 10.3 million euros have been distributed, according to the administration manager, Bethlehem Agüera.

The The graceful number has been 69,457, which “we have fixed throughout the year”, has assured the lottery, who has indicated that “it has been sold whole”.

Specifically, the administration has sold all 172 series of this issue, comprising a total of “1,720 we say.”

Aguera has detailed that the award was “very distributed” and among the winners is thea Caritas Association of Marbella, which has sold “60 tickets”. The rest have bought the tenths “in window“.

The environment in the vicinity of the lottery administration was merriment and joy, as far as the winners have come to celebrate the awards with champagne, which are a relief for the Christmas holidays after a second year marked by the Covid 19 pandemic.

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