The collective of Firefighters and Heads of Endowment of the Malaga airport has issued a communiqué in which they express their “full willingness to collaborate in any task entrusted to us, in the necessary tasks of extinguishing said fire«.

They claim that there are “several dozen professionals” at Malaga Airport, who on a voluntary basis “we have been and continue to be at the disposal of the authorities if we are required to do so ». The group is also convinced that any requirement would have the support of AENA, which could even “provide some vehicle and fire fighting equipment«, Under the protection of the Civil Protection Law.

Although they express their desire not to recriminate that they have not been counted on, they affirm that they continue «waiting for that call that does not arrive at the moment«.

In similar terms, some professionals from the Cádiz Provincial Firefighters Consortium have expressed themselves through social networks, who have also offered to come to the aid of their colleagues, and they have responded that your intervention is not necessary at the moment.

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