One of the rescued puppies.

Firefighters of the San Pedro Alcántara Park carried out last Friday night the rescue of two dog puppies that were left trapped in an existing hole in the basement of a house of Nueva Andalucía, in the area of ​​the foundations. The mother hid them there, guided by her protective instinct, after giving birth to eleven young. The remaining nine did not get to introduce them into that hole.

A crew made up of two firefighters and a corporal in a B-12 vehicle was transferred to the scene of the events, after receiving the notice from the owner of the house at around 9:00 p.m. yesterday when they realized what had happened and fearing that the puppies would die of starvation.

The troops of the Corps of Firefighters had to dig to create a space Through which to access even the puppies, carrying out the rescue successfully. The intervention lasted approximately 40 minutes and the pups did not suffer any damage.

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