Marbella Fire Brigade Agents They have rescued a specimen of eagle owl that had been trapped more than ten meters high, in the protection net of a golf course located in San Pedro Alcántara, near the A-397 road. The agents received a notice from the 112 emergency service in which they reported the presence of the animal, that it could not take the flight, and they traveled to the place equipped with an autoscale vehicle to be able to proceed to the capture of the large specimen. dimensions and no visible injuries. After the intervention of recovery of the bird, which lasted more than half an hour, it was made available to the agents of the Environment delegation of the Junta de Andalucía in order to proceed to assess its condition and return it to its natural habitat.

So far this year, the Firefighters have attended fifty animal saves, among which are dogs, cats and snakes, as well as in interventions with swarms of bees or wasps. Among them, the complex rescue of a mare stands out, which was finally unharmed, after falling into a ditch of the Guadalmina River and being trapped, a performance that lasted for almost three hours due to its difficulty.

More recently, at the beginning of August, members of the Fire Station and agents of the Marbella Local Police also recovered a griffon vulture that he was injured and had taken refuge on the landing of a staircase in an urbanization of El Ángel, in Nueva Andalucía. In this case, they were transferred to the Endangered Species Recovery Center (CREAS) of the Junta de Andalucía.

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