41.9 degrees. It is the temperature that has been reached on the afternoon of this Thursday in Estepona. And this, one day after the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) ended the heat wave that the province of Malaga, until now and at least in the coastal areas, had managed to overcome. It can be said that the days of suffocating heat this summer in Malaga have been inaugurated.

The almost 42 degrees of Estepona, reached at 6:10 p.m., are the highest maximum recorded in all of Andalusia during the day. But the summary of temperatures leaves another peak of heat in Coínwhere it has reached the 41.3 degrees at 19:00, the second highest in the region.

Nor has the heat been left behind in alorawhere they rubbed 40 degrees at 3:00 p.m. (39.5º), despite the fact that in the Guadalhorce Valley the Aemet had not activated any warning for heat, as it did in the Western Costa del Sol and the Antequera region. Both areas of the province entered on alert for high temperatures at 1:00 p.m. -risk that remains until 9:00 p.m.- for values ​​that were expected to reach 37/38 degrees and that have been far exceeded in many locations.

In Coín, for example, the thermometers have reached 38.9 degrees; 37.5º they have had in Alpandeire and Cortes de la Frontera or 37.2º in Antequera. Already below the 37 degrees set by the weather alert are 36.2º in Fuente de Piedra or 35.5º in Torremolinos or 35.4º in Benahavís.

In the case of Malaga capital, the airport station of the Meteorological Center has registered 31.7 degrees, while that of the airport has reached 31.2 and that of the port has remained below thirty, with 29.6º. According to Aemet data, in June of last year the highest temperature reached in the capital in June was 28.1 degrees, while in July it was 32.9º and in August 33º.

Weather in Malaga for the weekend

After this stifling hot day in Malaga, on Friday friday june 29 a turn of the wind towards I raisedHence the drop in temperatures. Although the weather forecast shows that in the early hours of the day it will still be quite hot in the interior and on the western coast, because before the arrival of the east the winds will blow from the west, decreasing during the afternoon. The skies will be slightly cloudy or clear in the interior and there will be intervals of low clouds and mists, without ruling out mists, on the coast.

Thus, from weekend maximums will be reached around 29 degrees, temperatures more typical of this time of summer. What the expert does point out is that the minimums are quite high and are above 23 degrees in coastal areas.

For his part, in the inside, the temperatures will also continue to be high, especially in the region of Antequera and Valle del Guadalhorce. In Antequera, the maximum can be around 36-37 degrees these days, going down to 34 on Friday and already, on the weekend, around 32-33 degrees. In short, the weekend will bring milder and more usual temperatures for this summer season.

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