One of the intervened weapons.

Civil Guards of the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team (EDOA) of the Algeciras Command and OCON-SUR have culminated, this Saturday, the SUIKER operation in which they have detained five people for crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, against public health and illegal possession of weapons.

The start of the SUIKER operation dates back to April of this year. As a result of the police collaboration between the Civil Guard and the Customs Surveillance Service, a container was opened for inspection in the port of Algeciras, which it declared to contain 10 tons of sugar panelas arranged in 1,000 bags.


It was possible to verify that 300 kg of the aforementioned merchandise presented an impregnation of an anomalous substance, which, when the pertinent tests were carried out, turned out to be positive for cocaine. On the part of the EDOA of the Command, the investigation in relation to the importing company continued, in addition to controlling the movements of the container once it was extracted from the Port by the exporting company.

The container had final destination in Poland where, as a result of international police cooperation, a Polish citizen who received the merchandise was detained at destination.

Continuing with the investigations, it was concluded that a Danish citizen, settled on the Costa del Sol and with connections with the biker gang of the Hell’s Angels and international drug trafficking, he was the leader of this branch of the organization and the main person responsible for the seized shipment along with other individuals residing in Marbella.

Network of companies

In this way, a network of companies created expressly for international drug trafficking, mainly cocaine, from South America to Europe.

After several months of investigation, it was found that the leader of the aforementioned organization was preparing to leave the country hastily, so theto his arrest at the El Prat airport from Barcelona when he was about to board a flight to Turkey.

Household searches have been carried out in Barcelona and Marbella (Malaga), with the apprehension of 43,000 euros in cash, a firearm and the arrest of four more people.

The detainees, as well as the proceedings brought and the effects intervened, have been brought to justice. The investigation has been directed by the Court of Instruction number 5 of Algeciras, in coordination with the Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office of the same city.

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