They used the same modus operandi. they entered golf courses located in Estepona and Marbellathey posed as users of the sports facilities and took advantage of some mistake by the athletes to snatch the belongings they deposited in the buggy. In total, four people, two men and two women between the ages of 33 and 37, have been arrested for its presumed relationship with these events.

The investigation, carried out by agents of the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit -UDEV- of the Estepona National Police Station, began in mid-September as a result of the complaint from a foreign tourist. He reported to the police that she had been the victim of a careless theft of his bag, at a golf course in the town of Malaga.

Among the effects that were stolen, he explained to the agents that there were several Bank cards with which those responsible would have made up to 24 charges in different establishments, amounting to a total of 3,000 euros, as reported by the Provincial Police Station.

Although this complaint did not remain an isolated case, rather, in the near future, the investigators received another seven complaints related to similar eventsthe victims reported that the alleged thieves used a modus operandi similar and all the thefts had occurred in golf courses in Marbella and Estepona.

Furthermore, in all cases, the harmed They turned out to be golfers who were vacationing on the coast, and who were practicing this sport when they became victims of careless theft.

Predilection for bank cards

According to the investigations carried out by the agents, the members of the plot entered the facilities, taking advantage of the great extension of this type of complex, and used some confusion of the athletes to steal your belongingswhich they left in the buggies. Once the robberies were perpetrated, the suspects hurriedly left the place by vehicle.

Next, those investigated, who had predilection for cardss of their victims, they used them immediately, before they were canceled by their owners. In this way, they made purchases in various establishments for small amounts, with the aim of avoiding the fraud prevention systems of the card issuers.

Finally, the investigative procedures allowed the identification and arrest of the alleged architects of the thefts, to which are attributed seven crimes of theft and five of fraud. The police officers also seized the vehicle in which they were traveling. The Estepona Investigating Court number 4 is aware of the facts.

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