Agents of the National Police have broken up in a house of the population center of Las Lagunas, in the municipality of Mijas, a drug outlet Y four people have been arrested for his alleged involvement in the events. Those investigated had also enabled a reserved area on the floor for the consumption of substances by their clients.

In the registry in the domicile they have intervened 2.93 kilos of hashish, 232 grams of marijuana2,175 euros in cash, useful for the cutting, distribution, cultivation and packaging of the drug, as well as an electric scooter in which the suspects moved to make some of the sales to their clients.

The ‘Indi’ operation, which has been carried out by agents assigned to the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Fuengirola Local Police Station, began with information indicating that the inhabitants of a home located in Mijas would be engaging in small-scale drug trafficking.

After confirming this information, the agents accurately located the building where the plot was taking place and verified how a significant number of people from outside the neighborhood came to the place to acquire doses of narcotics. In this sense, the researchers made several records of drug apprehension between clients taking advantage of the fact that they were leaving the area.

Finally, the agents identified and arrested those responsible for the plot, who had even enabled a reserved area in the dwelling intended for drug use by clientsand carried out the search of the address.

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