The National Police has arrested four men in Marbellaaged 27, 28, 37 and 39, as allegedly responsible for seven robberies with force inside vehicles.

Those investigated committed the thefts in cars parked on public roads, appropriating personal effects of their victims, such as mobile phones, glasses and personal documentation, among others. The investigated were surprised inside several cars, carrying effects that had just been stolen.

The research It began as a result of the commission of several robberies inside vehicles, perpetrated on public roads in the same area of ​​Marbella and through the same modus operandiwhich led the agents to suspect that it could be the same author or authors.

During the device to prevent theft inside vehicles launched, and in which the Marbella Local Police have collaborated, the agents have completed it with the red-handed arrest of four men who were surprised inside several vehicles with stolen objects in these and other cars.

Thus, they accessed the cars parked on the road, after breaking the windows, to steal the effects they found, mainly personal effects of the owners, such as mobile phones, glasses, clothing or personal documentation. The recovered effects have already been delivered to their rightful owners. The facts are known by the Court of Instruction Number 3 of Marbella.

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