The Local Police of Torremolinos (Málaga) have arrested four people who were caught red-handed while trying to send almost 15 kilograms of hashish by courier.

Several agents who were on plainclothes duty observed how one of the individuals was vigilantly on a street corner while on the opposite corner there was another in a similar attitude.

After observing how one of them made a call, a vehicle appeared with two men inside and the two individuals who were on surveillance approached it. One of the occupants of the car got out of it, opened the trunk and handed two packages to one of the men he was watching, who later went with them to a courier company from which he left without them, while the other individual kept watching.

Thus, the vehicle appeared again and one of its occupants gave money to the same man who had brought the package, who again, with the money, went to the courier company while the individual who had delivered it hid in a landscaped area in a vigilant attitude, the Torremolinos City Council has indicated in a statement.

Given these facts, the police officers placed a vehicle on a nearby street to try to intercept the possible escape of the car involved while other officers went to the courier company where, after identifying themselves, they requested the documentation from the individual who had brought the packages and money.

After this, the other two men who were watching tried to flee on foot, but having no chance, they quickly got into the car, although the driver and co-driver changed their positions.

After requesting the documentation from the man who was initially driving the vehicle, he presented the driver’s license in the name of another person, finally acknowledging that the document belongs to his brother.

In the vehicle registry, the agents found 1,530 euros in bills and in the trunk they located two empty and open travel bags.

Meanwhile, at the doors of the courier company, the other detainee told the agents that for one hundred euros he had to send the two packages in question to an address that he showed in a note. Next, together with the detainee and the person in charge of the courier company, they proceeded to open both packages, which were wrapped in cardboard and without any inscription.

They were two disassembled tables that were excessively heavy and that had a removable square incision in the back. With a light blow, the square lids came off, revealing ten bags with a brown substance, apparently hashish, inside.

Due to the facts, the agents proceeded to arrest those involved, and hand over the ten plastic bags with the substance and their corresponding weighing, with a total amount of 14,980 kilograms.

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