The National Police has arrested red-handed last morning at four people when allegedly fleeing a robbery with force in a restaurant in Marbella. The suspects were located in the vicinity of the establishment in a vehicle loaded with food products.

The events took place around 4:15. A call to 091 alerted that several people had jumped the wall of a local supply and that they were loading merchandise into a car.

Quickly, the patrols closed the perimeter of the place where the events were taking place, blocking the exit to a vehicle in which the suspects were supposedly traveling, as reported by the Provincial Police Station in a statement.

After halt, the agents located three men and a woman in the car, aged between 42 and 55, who were arrested for their alleged responsibility in a crime of robbery with force.

Inside the vehicle they were located tools that would have been used to perpetrate the theft -hammers, pliers and cutters, among other tools-; food products taken from the bar -beverage boxes, eggs and other products-; and garments and other effects with the corporate image of the business.

According to the investigations, the suspects would have scaled a wall about 2.5 meters high and then would have forced the lock of a cupboard in which food was stored and other belongings. The agents also observed signs of tampering in the lock of a door that gave access to the interior of the main premises, although the assailants were unable to enter there.

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