four health workers from the Emergency Unit of the Hospital de la Costa del Sol, located in Marbella, have been assaulted by an individual who reacted violently while receiving medical care in the critical care unit.

The health workers -a nurse, two nursing assistants and a warden- present various bruisesas reported to EFE on Monday by sources from the center, which has condemned what happened last Friday, and protest rallies have been called before various health facilities in the region.

The hospital has made available to those affected all the necessary supportincluding psychological care and defense and legal advice, as provided for in the Aggression Prevention and Care Plan for professionals in the Andalusian public health system.

From the moment the incident occurred, the protocol for attacks on professionals center toilets.

Both from this hospital and from the affiliated centers, the rejection and sentence firm of any type of aggression, whether physical or verbal, to professionals in any of its dependencies.

The rallies, which have been called for this Monday at 12:00 to express rejection of any type of aggression against health workers and in support of the assaulted colleagues, they will be held at the External Consultations door of the Hospital de la Costa del Sol, and at the main access doors to the Center for High Resolution of Specialties (CARE) of Mijas and the High Resolution Hospital of Estepona.

Notably assaults in the public health centers in the province of Malaga they keep going up. nothing less than a 43% increase in 2022 compared to the previous year. Then 187 were registered and in the past year they rose to 268. The data from the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) provided to the unions correspond to all of 2022. According to these figures, in that period there were 62 physical attacks (23%) and 206 verbal (77%).

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