The Plaza de Toros neighborhood has released four marine-inspired murals 27 meters high by five meters wide on the façade of three buildings. The local artist Álvaro Ortega has been commissioned to carry out the works, which are part of an action to rehabilitate the exterior of the buildings, located at numbers 8, 10 and 12 of Calle Salduba. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, this week visited the results of the works accompanied by the representative of the company Cima Verticales, Juan Borja, who was awarded the works on the buildings.

The councilor, who has influenced the complexity of an artistic work of this size, stressed that the objective of the initiative, “once the security and habitability problems of the blocks were solved, was to provide them with a differentiating element that would become a claim to visit the area “, so it has encouraged citizens” to discover this surprising creation that collects pictures as ours as the Torre del Cable or a fishing boat fishing in the Mediterranean “.

For his part, Borja has indicated that the intervention in the buildings, which will end within a month, consists of a comprehensive rehabilitation of the facades by cleaning with pressure water, the removal of the coatings in poor condition and the treatment with a fixative product prior to painting. Regarding the murals, which are already finished, he has indicated that the artist, as an initial step, has scribbled the walls and that painting programs have been used in order to trace the lines of the drawing and then add the colors with an airbrush or brush.

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